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Recent Research on Men's Groups:

Over the past two-years Impotence Australia has researched in the area of men's health groups. One study called the Men's Doctors Project 2002 found that contrary to popular belief men are wanting to attend groups to discuss sexual functioning. A more recent study has shown that there are few outlets for men to access information about sexual health. Health professionals express that they perceive a need for men's groups, as well as staff training. If you have any comments on men's groups please email us: here

New Revolutionary Treatment for ED: Shockwave Therapy
Contact us for details.
Sexual Anxiety Support Groups
Are you in Sydney and suffer from sexual anxiety ?
New four separate support groups for men attracted to men, women attracted women, men attracted to women, and women attraction to men.
For more details go to
Intern Counselling Clinic Sydney
Impotence Australia has set up an intern counselling clinic in Sydney. This is a low cost counselling service available to men and women with sexual concerns. All interns are clinically supervised by a qualified sex therapist. The centre is located at Healthpac Medical Centre, Lower Ground, 59 Goulburn Street, Haymarket (Near China Town)
If you are interested to know more please call Brett McCann CEO Impotence Australia on 1800 800 614 or 0411 456 230 or email:
Contact Impotence Australia 1800 800 614
Impotence Australia can be contacted by
Phone: 1800 800 614 (Sydney: 02 9280 0084)

Phones are answered by trained sex therapists. We are able to assist with male or female sexual concerns. We also maybe able to send you information on the difficulties you are experiencing.
New self help book for men suffering from Premature Ejaculation
Too fast? Learn to Last LONGER
A Guide to Premature Ejaculation
Michael Lowy & Brett McCann
Premature ejaculation is a common male complaint. It is a condition that can impact on a man's self esteem and elationships. This book provides useful self-help information about ejaculation disorders, particularly about prmature ejaculation.
more details at:
Look after your little fella and he will look after you advertisement wins award
DDB Remedy has taken out two awards at the New York Festival Global Awards under the Global Healthcare Awards section. One of these awards was for their production of the Look after your little fella and he will look after you" advertisement they had created for Impotence Australia. From Impotence Australia to DDB congradulations an dthank you for great work. To read more about these awards go to

To see the award winner advertisement

November 2008
Have you had a penile implant?
Impotence Australia knows men who are thinking about having a penile implant who want to discuss this with other men who already have had a penile implant.

Can you lend support?
If so please email:
  • Dr. Ven Tan (Chairperson)

  • Impotence Australia CEO
  • Mr. Brett McCann

  • Impotence Australia State Coordinators
  • NSW
    Mr. Morgan Hayward

  • VIC
    Ms. Marie Rockford

  • WA & NT
    Ms. Raelene Stokes

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